Taylor has always been such a talented and amazing musician, and her songs are all high rated. She has dominated multiple music genres, won ten Grammy awards, and all her albums are hit and top 1 ranked in Billboard. 

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5. Sparks Fly – Speak Now the album

Sparks Fly will give you such a fun, youthful energy and the chorus is super catchy and meaningful. This song will obviously put a smile on anyone’s face. In Sparks Fly, Taylor tells you about a classic love story and  this song is probably one of the most underrated songs of hers to date.

 4. You belong with me – Fearless the album

Listening to ‘You belong with me’, you will probably feel a little bit nostalgic because of the retro scenes of high-school movies in the 90s. It has such a creative twist on the classic “nerdy girl gets the football star” story, and grabs listeners attention with its catchy chorus and sweet melody.

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3. The Way I Loved You – Fearless the album

This song was written of being in a relationship with a seemingly perfect guy but being in love with a guy that is the complete opposite. The song is kinda in between upbeat and lowkey, creating such a unique lullaby, and the lyrics are so real that put the listener right into the song. This song is definitely worth a listen.

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2. Blank Space – 1989 the album

Blank Space made a huge hit globally in 2018. Its catchy sounds, revenged lyrics and amazing MV created a gorgeous queen Taylor. Blank Space is definitely the number 1 song for you to play at every single party with best friends. 

1. Lover – Lover the album 

And the top 1 song goes to the one and only “Lover”. Lover is kind of a song that you would play on romantic nights with your date, the type of song that you would probably humble hours of hours. We have to confess that, we all want to have a romantic love like Taylors in “Lover”, right? 

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