Sports betting bonus what is it exactly? and why take it!

Online sports betting sites are currently very popular with fans of these games, regardless of the chosen discipline. Indeed, a multitude of bookmakers are now present on the Internet, and choosing them is not an easy task. However, certain criteria come into play and allow users to choose the sites where they will bet money according to the expected benefits. 

The advantages of a bonus for sports betting

Undeniable assets of a bookmaker, bookmaker welcome bonuses are an integral part of the world of sports betting. Sometimes easy to obtain, they also take the form of a promo code. Moreover, they can vary from one bookmaker to another. Some will take the form of a free bet, others a risk-free bonus, etc. We are going to provide a series of information on the issue of bonuses in sports betting; but also on the best rewards available in the sports world. 

A welcome bonus is only valid once

This is the basic information that should be recorded even if it goes without saying. Be aware that this additional gain is actually organized with only one objective: to attract new players. Another probable reason: the competition between bookmakers who are increasingly present on the Internet. Basically, a welcome bonus is granted only at the time of registration on a sports betting site. This is bait to attract a new potential customer in an environment where competition between bookmakers is fierce. 

The principle is simple, each sports betting site offers a specific bonus for its new players. Like a free gift, they notably allow them the possibility of doubling their first deposit. Winamax, Zebet, Betlic, Bwin, Unibet… All of the bookmakers have understood this, this reward system appeals to users and it is a way of getting them to come back to their site, thus building their loyalty. 

Bookmaker sites offer different types of bonuses

Let’s start with the refunded bet, which is very simple to operate. In fact, it is a question of registering on a site on the Internet which offers it, of making the first deposit of money and trying your luck.

If unfortunately, you have not won anything during this bet, the deposit initially made is simply refunded to you. A bonus that allows you to keep a certain serenity at the time of registration. Especially since the loss of money or fraud remains recurring fear among online betting enthusiasts. Then, the free bet is the second type of bonus, frequently used by bookmakers. In reality, this bonus offers a fairly simple advantage for the player.

When registering on the chosen sports betting site, it will be a question of obtaining a free bet subject to a certain amount limit. For this, one or more conditions must be proposed. For example, you must have lost all your first bets on the same bookmaker. 

To conclude with the last type of welcome bonus, we can mention the bonus on deposit. It, too, works according to a fairly simple method. When you place your first bet on an online betting site, you have the option of directly doubling your bet to bet. You will have understood it if you have placed the sum of 60 euros for your first bet, the bookmaker will have to add the same amount (namely 60 euros) to allow you to obtain a still large budget to bet and thus double your earnings.

What are the techniques to maximize your winnings in sports betting?

Sports betting is an integral part of the areas that make it possible to generate income online. To achieve this ideal, however, certain provisions must be observed. Specifically, both beginners and amateurs will have to bet on good strategies and techniques to hope to win the bets. Discover some of these techniques here!

Choose the best bookmaker

The choice of the bookmaker is a key criterion to take into account when you want to get started in the world of 먹튀폴리스 sports betting. To start, you must register with a reliable reference bookmaker. Criteria such as the reputation of the bookmaker, the bonuses offered, the ergonomics of the site, the rates offered and customer reviews will guide you in the choice. Go to  to find the necessary items that will allow you to start your online adventure with complete peace of mind.

Establish your own strategy

In the online gambling market, it must be recognized that there is an element of chance. Although the idea is to win games, you must also be prepared to lose games. In reality, your goal should be to make more money in the long run.

As sports betting is based on chance, no one can know in advance with certainty the outcome of a sports match. In fact, the strategies and methods that are related to sports betting will not always help you to win money. Like poker, the techniques are intended to help you:

  • Reduce variance;
  • Win more often;

Avoid mismanaging your bankroll.

As a player in sports betting, you must keep your accounts rigorously, play according to your financial capacity and know-how to make good decisions. The mistakes that cause the loss of money in  sports betting  are:

  • The desire to win a lot of money with the single bet;
  • Betting on extravagant odds;
  • The bet on his favorite club;
  • The desire to make up for losses by betting more large amounts;
  • The combination of many matches on the single sports betting, etc.

All of these mistakes negatively affect your earnings. They decrease your chances of winning in the long run. It is, therefore, necessary to play small to win big. To this end, turn to bets with more chances of success.

Bet on double odds

Although the calculation of odds allows you to win often and on a regular basis, it is more advisable to bet on double chance bets. For example, by betting on a football match, you will get three possible outcomes. It is :

  • The victory of team 1;
  • The victory of team 2;
  • The draw between the two teams.

Basically, you have a one in three chance of winning your bet. Even if the option of a double chance bet guarantees smaller winnings, know that you have a 2/3 chance of success.

Analyze sports matches

On the internet, you will find many sites that offer you statistics on which you can rely to bet online. In addition to this information, you should know that other factors must come into play to better analyze sports matches. Opt for matches with double odds (in the case of football) or single odds (in the case of tennis) between 1.20 and 1.50 in terms of odds. This maximizes your chances of success.

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